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Contact Number for Marks & Spencer (M&S) can be found free from their official website -

To be connected to Marks & Spencer (M&S) directly using our premium rate connection service you can call the phone number above at a standard price of 10p per minute.

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  • - Connect instantly to the correct business or service you wish to speak to
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  • - Ability to comment and report on the quality of service received

Marks & Spencer (M&S) Customer Services Overview

If you are checking stock availability, want to place an order, need to query an existing order, are looking for help with the website, or wish to contact customer services regarding products, stores, service or quality. Please call the Marks and Spencer phone number displayed below.

Marks and Spencer (aka M&S) is a British retailer with 703 stores throughout the UK plus 361 additional stores around the world.

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To be connected to Marks & Spencer (M&S) directly you can call the phone number to the left at a standard price of 10p per minute.

We provide a Premium rate call routing service for Marks & Spencer (M&S) customer service, support and sales phone numbers. Marks & Spencer (M&S) has no connection with and other phone numbers can be found in the public domain or from the companies official website.