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Contact Number for Daewoo Electronics can be found free from their official website - daewooelectronics.co.uk

Phone number found from this url for free - daewooelectronics.co.uk.

To be connected to Daewoo Electronics directly using our premium rate connection service you can call the phone number above. Calls to 0844 numbers are charged at a standard price of 5p per minute from BT landlines.

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Daewoo Electronics Customer Services Overview

To register your new product, find out more about extended warranties, order parts & accessories, get more information on the Daewoo guarantee, get advice on the range of products, or for any other customer enquiry - please call the Daewoo phone number listed below.

Daewoo is a home electronics company, established in 1971, today the third largest electronics firm of South Korea after Samsung and LG and a global business with more than 64 manufacturing sites and sales centres in more than 40 countries around the world.

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To be connected to Daewoo Electronics directly you can call the phone number to the left at a standard price of 5p per minute.

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