Prams, Buggies and Travel Systems

Prams, buggies and travel systems come in a huge variety of styles and designs to suit the age of your baby, your transport and your lifestyle. You can get more information on choosing the right pushchairs & prams from a number of leading companies such as Mothercare, plus there are numerous retailers both on and offline such as Asda Direct,Tesco and even auction sites like eBay to find the best possible prices once you have decided on a particular model.

There are many different types of pushchairs & prams, ranging from designer trendy to cheap and cheerful, but they all tend to fall into one of several categories: prams, pushchairs, travel systems, buggies or strollers.

Prams are usually 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, depending on whether you need a carrycot. Prams with integral carrycot are useful as you can transfer baby from car to hone or vice versa without waking them up! However carrycot prams are often bulkier so you need to double check it will fit in your car when folded up. The prams chassis is available traditionally sprung or in funky 3-wheeler style.

Travel systems are essentially a hybrid of a pushchair and a car seat, some come with carrycots too. However some studies into sudden infant death suggest that car seats increase a babies risk of suffering SIDS if they are left in the seats for too long. With newborn babies it is recommended they are not left in a car seat for longer that 30 minutes. The travel systems with carrycots are a safer option allowing your baby to lay flat.

Pushchairs are cheaper options if you are sure that you won’t use a pram or travel system for long enough to make it viable financially.

Buggies and strollers are lightweight and compact prams effectively, they are suitable for children from 3 or 6 months. Many parents swap to strollers after the first few months as they are lighter to push and easier to lift into cars.