Choosing your Next Car

When choosing a new car, whether for the family, a couple or an individual – there are many aspects to consider. In the UK popular car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Peugeot, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo; all offer a wide array of vehicles to suit almost every possible need – so how do
we narrow the choice down?

Probably the first and easiest factor to consider is size and practicality. The car you choose has to be practical enough for your needs, whether that includes the school run, trips to the supermarket or commuting. There are four main car body styles to choose from; hatchback, people carrier, saloon and estate; each available in various sizes to suit your circumstances. The purchase price is obviously important too, as are the overall running costs when you include things like fuel consumption and insurance. Once you have a rough idea of the car you are looking for in terms of body type, size and price – you can then use various on and offline resources to help you choose. Useful car buying resources include Autotrader (a huge range of cars for sale all over the UK), Moneysupermarket and Gocompare (for researching insurance and finance costs), Car Craft (Nationwide used car hypermarkets) plus services such as We Want Any Car and We Buy Any Car (can offer to buy your old vehicle at a great price).

When it comes to deciding on which car is best, there are a number of other figures and features to compare, including the. Euro NCAP rating (car safety ratings for  passengers and pedestrians), MPG (official combined fuel consumption figures, which even though not really representative of real world driving, they give a good benchmark to use when making comparisons), CO2 Emissions (which effect how much tax you pay), Insurance grouping ( a lower insurance group means cheaper running costs) and the Warranty offered by the manufacturer or seller.

Standard equipment is another important factor to consider when shopping for a new car, for example, if you do a lot of motorway driving, then cruise control is a must-have feature, whereas if you mostly do inner city commuting in stop start traffic, cruise control is a waste of money! Autotrader allows you to specify the equipment you think is important, such as cruise control, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, sunroof, 4 wheel drive, or parking sensors; which helps to narrow the search. You can also search just for petrol or diesel cars depending on your preference – diesel cars are generally more fuel efficient but are often much more expensive to buy, so you will have to drive a fair amount of miles before buying a diesel begins to make financial sense.

Although all of the above is important, it is fair to say that many people are incredibly passionate about the cars they drive, sometimes the statistics and features are less important, and the buying decision is all about the style and athletic appeal, some choose their cars using their hearts, not their heads!