Choosing a Roof Box

Roof boxes are a great way to free up space in your car by carrying extra luggage and equipment on the roof safely and securely. For increasing your car’s carrying capacity when needed, car roof boxes are ideal, especially when camping or going on holiday. When you do not need the extra storage, you simply remove the roof box when not in use, which means you don’t have to drive a big car to have plenty of room for your belongings. Roof boxes can also be useful for stowing wet or dirty items outside of the car to keep your interior clean.

When choosing a roof box, you need to check if your car have a set of roof bars on which you can mount the roof box. If not, you will have to buy bars that will fit your vehicle. The next stage is to consider the size of roof box you will need and how easy it is to mount and load. The right size of roof box will obviously depend on how much you plan to carry, or whether you need to leave some room on the roof for other itemsĀ  such as bike carriers or surfboards. Roof boxes come in a huge variety of different capacities and widths, from around 250 litres (roughly equivalent to the boot on a small hatchback), right up to almost 600 litres (equivalent to the boot on a large estate car of 4×4). They are available in 3 different widths, half width, three quarter width or full width.

They are also available with a choice of mountings including U-Bolt System, Quick Fit Systems, Easy-Snap, Power Grip, Power Click and Fast-Grip. All require just a few minutes to fit to your vehicle, but some require two people to fit. Finally you can choose between single side opening or dual side opening (where the roofbox can be accessed from both sides). Halfords offer a wide selection of roof boxes with both Halfords own brands and other manufacturers such as Thule and Exodus. You can also find roof boxes for sale at Go Outdoors, Tesco and eBay. Which magazine are a great source of independent advice on roof boxes from all manufacturers and you can subscribe to their service to view the results of tests carried out by their expert team.